As the owner, the state sets annual targets for Samhall in the following areas:

Number of employees

The number of people with functional impairment employed at Samhall must be equivalent to at least 30.2 million wage hours.


Each year at least 1,500 of Samhall’s employees should leave Samhall for a position with another employer. Employees in Samhall’s core assignment, who make a transition to another employer, are provided with re-employment entitlement valid for 12 months.

Recruitment from prioritised groups

At least 40% of new recruits should come from prioritised groups in accordance with the definition established by the Public Employment Service and Samhall. Included here are people with mental impairments, people with intellectual or neurological impairments, people with multiple impairments which cause reduced working capacity and job seekers with functional impairments in the job and development guarantee’s occupational phase.

Alongside the core assignment, Samhall is also assigned by the state to offer part-time positions of 25% to people with 75% sickness benefit. Samhall is also assigned to offer development positions to at least 1,000 people, which are time-limited positions for young job seekers in the job and development guarantee’s occupational phase.

Financial targets

Samhall is required to show a return on shareholders’ equity of 7% and an equity ratio of at least 30%. These targets are considered over a business cycle.

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