How Samhall works

It is the Swedish Public Employment Service which decides who gets a job with Samhall. What everyone who works for Samhall has in common is that they all have some form of disability, as well as the capacity to work.

Our mission

We are owned by the state and it is our mission to create enriching jobs for people with disabilities. The goal is for 1500 employees to leave us each year to go and work for other employers. We train our staff and match them to the right tasks in areas such as cleaning, care, logistics and manufacturing. By utilising the skills and abilities of all our employees, we are helping to build a more sustainable and inclusive society.

Together we make a difference

All staff who start working at Samhall are sent to us by the Swedish Public Employment Service. We provide training and then match them to the right job. We work with companies who share our values on diversity in the labour market. Our customers are therefore doing their bit to help bring meaning to the lives of people who may have been outside the labour market for a long time. This is a sustainable business concept and one that has seen us named the most sustainable company in Europe.

How we find the right match

We have developed our own matching process which we call the Samhall Method. The Samhall Method highlights the strengths and abilities of each person, enabling us to find the right person for the right job. Each person is then matched with the right co-workers to create a good dynamic.

We put an under-utilised resource to good use

Many people with disabilities are currently not in work. At the same time, many are keen to work if only they could get the right adjustments and support. They are an under-utilised resource that we want to make the most of. By seeing opportunities rather than obstacles, we give them the support they need to succeed. The result is proud employees and a better society for us all.

International cooperation

Samhall has been a member of the international cooperation organisation Workability International since 1987. With more than 130 members from some 40 countries all across the world, we work together towards a common goal – allowing people with disabilities to be better put to use a valuable resource on the labour market.