Samhall is part of the state’s labour market policy in Sweden and contributes to combating exclusion from the labour market. The assignment covers the development of employees through client assignments to preparing the company’s employees to take the next step of employment with another employer. Samhall’s operations are conducted under market conditions in competition with other companies. Samhall operates nationwide and has more than 23,000 employees.

Samhall mostly offers services in the areas of Cleaning & Laundry, Warehousing & Logistics, Workplace & Property Services, Care Services, Retail and Industry & Manufacturing. Samhall conducts these business assignments as a sub-contractor, through manned solutions or via our own production facilities.

Alongside Samhall’s core assignment, Samhall also offers work-orientated rehabilitation services within the framework of the Labour Market Services business area. Samhall also accepts a number of people for traineeships and work training within the labour market initiative known as the job and development guarantee.

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